Team introductions – Jim Wright

Name: Jim Wright

Place of work: Field Studies Council Preston Montford

Job title: Education Team Leader

Role: My key responsibility is leading a team of tutors in the delivery of high quality fieldwork experiences to students ranging from the first years of junior school to post-graduate level. This includes coordinating the planning of field courses that meet curriculum requirements while still inspiring young people to have a greater interest in the natural world and technology is playing an increasingly important role in making this happen.

What I hope to get out of the FNS project: At Preston Montford we are making our first forays into the use of tablets in the field. Currently we are reliant on pre-existing apps and this presents a number of challenges, not least that of trying to find apps that properly complement or improve our teaching and aren’t simply shoe horned in. I am very keen to use our tablets as much as possible but want the change to be driven by educational benefit rather than technology.

I feel that the FNS project offers the opportunity to develop a system that really does help us incorporate technology into our work but is also flexible enough to be adapted to the constantly varying needs of our customers. By the end of the project I would like us to have a system that is set up to work within the remit defined at the outset but that my team feel is simple and robust enough for them to be able to adapt easily for use in other areas.