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Elizabeth Chappell and interviewees

While in Japan to research a travel book, I spent a night in Hiroshima. Talking to the ‘guides’ who met me for dinner, it emerged both were children of survivors of the atomic bomb but their parents had never talked to them about the blast. I went with my guides to a neighbourhood meeting; hearing that I was interested in war survivors, a 94-year-old woman, who had been attending these meetings for years, stood up and said: ‘I too am a hibakusha’.
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NCCPE Blog post: An Engaging thesis
NCCPE Blog post: An Engaging thesis

The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) is running an Engaged Futures consultation.  Alongside, and partly in coordination with this consultation, the NCCPE have launched a blog (NCCPE's blog).  

The NCCPE team invited various stakeholders to contribute a post to the new blog as part of the Engaged Futures consultation.  Authors were asked to imagine a future for some aspect of engaged research.

My contribution was based on an imagined future for postgraduate research and it titled 'An engaging thesis'.  The NCCPE team are keen to start a discussion around these articles, which will grow in number in the coming weeks, so feel free to comment, circulate, etc.