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Team introductions – Javi Hidalgo

My key responsibility is to maintain and support the networks across all of the Field Studies Council learning locations. Part of my role is to evaluate and recommend new systems and hardware from tablets and apps to managed networks and control systems.

Team introductions – Jim Wright

My key responsibility is leading a team of tutors in the delivery of high quality fieldwork experiences to students ranging from the first years of junior school to post-graduate level. This includes coordinating the planning of field courses that meet curriculum requirements while still inspiring young people to have a greater interest in the natural world and technology is playing an increasingly important role in making this happen.

River observations at Carding Mill Valley

Today Dave, Jim, Javi and Phil (from the FSC) took me to Carding Mill Valley and showed me the river observation and data collection activities that they do there with groups of students. We walked up the river to get a sense of the location, and Dave and Jim gave me a data collection worksheet […]

FNS: Early feedback and suggestions

Today we tried out using the initial version of the website for supporting the pond habitat observation activity. Six tutors from Preston Montford joined us (Jim, Javi, Dave and myself) and they used the system to enter and view some data at the Preston Montford pond. The feedback and suggestions they then gave us were […]

FNS: Team introductions and expectations

Today we started the first set of fieldwork tests of the Field Network System. During the course of the project we plan to meet-up regularly and test versions of the system, as part of an iterative development cycle. To help collect some information about the process we’re going through, I’ve asked some of the project […]

Field Network System (FNS) Project

The Field Network System project is a collaboration with the Field Studies Council (FSC) to produce a portable web server and network to support outdoor learning. The project will involve Chris Valentine, Damian Dadswell and myself from the Open University (OU); and Sam Rudd (Curriculum Development Manager), James Drever (IT Manager), Javi Hidalgo (Network Manager) […]

Welcome to the WebLab blog

Welcome to the WebLab site, this is a collection of notes and resources associated with WebLab projects. WebLab is a shorthand phrase for Web Laboratory. WebLab was set up by Dr Peter Whalley, a Senior Research Fellow at the Knowledge Media Institute, in 2007 as a place to develop and share web-based models, simulations and […]